Welcome John

BAB is stoked to announce that honorary Kiwi (Australian) John Price is joining the team. At 27, John is part of the new generation of strong all-round climbers – he has been rock climbing since 2009 and alpine climbing since 2010.

John started climbing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, while living in Christchurch. Since then he has climbed rock, ice and alpine routes in Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada, including a successful expedition to the Ruth Gorge in the Alaskan Range.

A very competent mountaineer John decided to move to Banff in Canada in January 2012 to focus on improving his ice and mixed climbing skills. He has since managed to accumulate over 100 days winter climbing various Canadian Rockies test pieces up to grade WI6 and M9.

John is a great addition to the team, and someone who will bring endless energy and enthusiasm to whatever challenge is in front of him.

John Price climbing 'Toys in the Atttic'

John Price climbing ‘Toys in the Atttic’


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