Thanks Bivouac Outdoor

With the start of our next expedition only two months away, Backyard and Beyond would like to extend a sincere thank you to Bivouac Outdoor for its ongoing support.

Bivouac has been there from the birth of the BAB concept, supplying us with great gear and advice and helping make our adventure dreams a reality. And the Christchurch store put on a brilliant evening last year during the premiere screening of our documentary ‘One Fine Day On A Mountain’.

For those who don’t know, Bivouac is the chain of outdoor stores in New Zealand to head to if you need the best in outdoor adventure equipment and advice. While other outdoor stores have tried to broaden their appeal – by either chasing the dollar of the mass market or attempting to cover too many outdoor activities without doing any well – Bivouac has stuck to its core range, and valued customer base, for tramping and climbing. BAB applauds owner Wayne Martin and the company for this, especially given the challenge of a growing proliferation of online buying options from overseas.

Outdoor retail in today’s market is tough, yet Bivouac still sees the worth in supporting home-grown adventurers. Double thumbs up Bivouac! We are stoked to have you as part of our team. Your stuff rocks!

A crowd at Bivouac Outdoor store

A crowd gathers at Bivouac Outdoor’s Christchurch store to view the premiere of Backyard and Beyond’s film ‘One Fine Day on a Mountain’.


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