Only Two Weeks To Go

Well, the countdown is on! It’s only two weeks until we fly out from New Zealand and Australia. ‘To do’ lists are being frantically written and checked off, and weekly skype calls flying back and forth across the Tasman as we finalize what gear to take. Preparation for an expedition of this size is critical – one important item left behind can make the difference between success and failure.

At this stage, we would like to recognize the generous contributions from our sponsors and supporters. Without them, the venture would be a far more costly endeavour to undertake – probably too costly! So a huge thanks to Sport New Zealand, The North Face/Australian Geographic Society and Bivouac Outdoor for major contributions. Also, thanks to Mount Everest Foundation and New Zealand Alpine Club for their grants, as well as Earth Sea Sky, Backcountry Cuisine, Eight Ranges Wines and The Muscle Mechanics for ongoing support. This is all hugely appreciated by the Backyard and Beyond team.

Training wise, the goal is to have a good base but, more importantly, feel healthy and niggle free. A small issue back home can quickly escalate into a climb-ending sickness overseas. And, with excessive weight-loss being an issue during an expedition like this – Paul lost over 15kg during his 2007 India expedition – we are all aiming to be ‘fat-fit’. Of course, this is a good excuse for extra cream in our coffee.

So the final two weeks will be spent walking up as many hills as possible with a heavy pack, eating well, and checking then rechecking our piles of expedition equipment.


Some of John’s gear ready for packing.


One response

  1. Pat Deavoll

    Ah…15 kg! I think not!!

    March 21, 2014 at 1:42 pm

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