About Backyard and Beyond

The Backyard and Beyond concept brings together a team of like minded people, all keen on seeking and encouraging adventure in the outdoors.

What started as a year-long New Zealand based project back in 2011, has since grown to encompass ongoing worldwide opportunities for adventure. To quote a particularly apt cliché, the world is our oyster.

For everybody in the BAB team, we strongly believe that adventure is an essential component to our everyday lives. This doesn’t mean necessarily taking life threatening risks all the time, but is more to do with having a drive and a passion for getting out of bed each morning.

Also central to this belief is the necessity of a relationship with and respect for the environment. Without this essential symbiosis, we cannot hope to survive. Promoting this relationship among all people is a core function of BAB.

BAB encourages outdoor adventure, whether it be a weekend tramp close to home or a two month long Himalayan climbing expedition. The worth is in the ‘doing’. And by sharing our stories, illustrating both the highs and the challenges associated with outdoor adventure, we hope to encourage others to get out there and give it a go – whatever ‘it’ is. We’d love to hear about your adventures, and are always available to help with questions anyone might have.

The BAB project operates in memory of founding member Jamie Vinton-Boot, who was tragically killed in August 2013. Jamie had an endless enthusiasm for outdoor adventure as well as a focussed environmental ethic. We endeavour to uphold as many of the fine ideals that Jamie exhibited through his life as we can.


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  1. hi.. i just like to rss to your blog 🙂

    keep up a good word

    March 16, 2011 at 3:01 pm

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