Meet the Team

Jamie Vinton-Boot

P1070300v1Jamie was a founding member of the Backyard and Beyond team. He was at the forefront of top rock climbers pushing their limits in an alpine environment. He had been involved in three committing and technically demanding alpine first ascents: A five pitch alpine rock route in the Darren Mountains with Derek Thatcher, crux grade 27; a six pitch alpine rock route in the remote Garden of Allah, Central Southern Alps, with Guy McKinnon, crux grade 21; and a four pitch mixed route on Mt Haast, Southern Alps, with Jono Clarke, crux grade M5/6.   Jamie was well known for his determination, fitness and bold approach both to rock and alpine climbing.  Jamie’s inspiration came from his belief that he was capable of achieving the highest standards yet in this country’s alpine environment.

Jamie worked as an environmental consultant, and had strong views on the need for responsible adventuring in this country. He understood the limits of our natural resources and the fine line between protecting them while still enjoying the challenges found within them. Tragically Jamie was killed  on the west face of the Remarkables in August 2013.

Paul Hersey

Paul is a Dunedin-based adventurer and adventure writer. During the past 20 years he has achieved firsts ascents in alpinism, rock and ice climbing, first descents in snowboarding, first caving descents, and exploration and surfing of remote waves. Recently, he was a part of successful mountaineering expeditions to India (2007), Kyrgyzstan (2008) and Pakistan (2009). He has a strong ethic for adventure and good decision-making in the outdoors.

Currently, Paul is regarded as one of the top adventure writers in this country, contributing to North and South, New Zealand Geographic, Wilderness, New Zealand Climber, New Zealand Fitness and various other publications. He has three books published: ‘Where the Mountains Throw Their Dice’ (2007); ‘High Misadventure’ (2008); and ‘Searching For Groundswell’ (2009). Paul is passionate about the outdoors and how Kiwis interact in it. For example, his recent article with North and South (August issue) explored the problems surrounding this country’s adventure tourism industry, and has been influential in helping to improve industry standards. Paul believes in the need to communicate the positive impacts of outdoor adventure to an urbanising society and to illustrate the pathways possible to staying connected with the environment.

Shelley Hersey

Shelley has been a rock climber and mountaineer for the past 17 years. In that time she has steadily improved her skills and ability over a broad range of climbing terrain. And in the past five years, Shelley has decided to take her climbing to the highest level she can achieve. In 2007, she was part of an expedition to the Indian Himalaya, and discovered that she performed particularly well at altitude, especially when compared to her more experienced team mates. Since then, Shelley has led a number of New Zealand alpine grade 5 climbs as well as putting up new routes, both alpine and rock. She has led WI 4, and rock to grade 24 during trips to Moonarie, Arapiles and Thailand.

Shelley has a strong environmental ethic, and promotes this in her employment as a virtual field trip teacher. She believes that ‘Backyard And Beyond’ is an ideal opportunity to further her own climbing as well as encouraging a new generation of adventurers.

John Price

john on toys int he atttic

John Price is 27 and has been rock climbing since 2009 and alpine climbing since 2010. He started climbing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where he lived for two years.

He has climbed rock, ice and alpine routes in Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada. Including a successful expedition to the Ruth Gorge in the Alaskan Range.

As a very competent mountaineer he decided to move from Canberra to Banff in Canada in January 2012 to focus on improving his ice and mixed climbing skills. He has since managed to accumulate over 100 days of winter climbing on various Canadian Rockies test pieces up to grade WI6 and M9.

Hugh Barnard

Hugh BarnardAfter 17 years in the mountain climbing/ski guiding industry and 10 years in the filming industry, Hugh is well established and well respected in both fields. He has climbed and filmed throughout New Zealand and in many overseas locations, and has a number of climbing first ascents and skiing first descents. Hugh is currently an owner/director of Wanaka Mountain Guides, chief guide at Himachal Heliski, India, and a film and outdoor safety consultant. A fully qualified IFMGA guide, Hugh is considered one of this country’s most experienced guides.

Hugh’s passions include continuing to explore our relationships with the outdoors through various mediums, as well as promoting these relationships to others. He believes in low impact adventure wherever possible and the importance of protecting our environment. He is motivated by this project because he sees it having a positive impact on outdoor adventure in New Zealand.

Troy Mattingley

Troy is an experienced climber and well respected photographer based in Christchurch. He studied outdoor leadership at Aoraki Polytech in and then worked in the outdoor industry for a number of years, both in New Zealand and overseas. Later, he trained and worked as an arborist, becoming proficient at rope management skills in hazardous situations.

More recently, Troy has focussed on his photography, and then broadening this into motion filming. Over the past year his work has become increasingly recognised within the climbing and outdoor community in New Zealand. Troy’s photos have featured in several magazines, including front covers.

Troy is a key addition to the Backyard and Beyond team. His skill and experience at seeing outdoor life through the lens, not to mention being competent at doing this safely in the mountains, is greatly appreciated by the other team members.


5 responses

  1. clayton

    Sweet ! Looks like a great team and some fantastic beliefs.

    June 10, 2011 at 10:34 pm

  2. Glen mattingley

    wow! this looks great have fun
    signed kapiti Coaster

    aka ( Troys dad) !

    December 6, 2011 at 3:54 pm

  3. Alice Casey

    Kia ora,
    I’m a primary school teacher at a rural school in Southland, New Zealand. In 2012, Gareth Morgan and his team travelled to Antarctica to educate NZer’s about Our Backyard and environmental issues there. We followed their journey, via Skype, blog and letters and met up with them a numbers of times, discussing problems and ideas, and fundraising for their cause, the ‘Million Dollar Mouse’. The children had a fantastic experience, meetings scientists, economists and explorers and learnt valuable life lessons, contributing to our environment.

    I heard news of your expedition this year to climb Anidesha Chuli. I was wondering whether there was a chance we could connect with you and follow your journey? Perhaps send along a mascot, Skype before and after your journey, perhaps you have a blog or twitter account? Anything would be great! Our focus for this year is Our Backyard and Beyond so it fits in perfectly.

    Let me know your thoughts on this. Whether anything is possible? Thanks.

    Kind regards,
    Alice Casey
    Limehills School
    Centre Bush

    February 15, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    • Hi Alice, yes with technology these days there are so many great opportunities to connect with people and their adventures. Please email so we can organise something for your class. You should also check out LEARNZ field trips to connect your students with other learning adventures. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thanks, Shelley

      February 18, 2014 at 9:04 am

  4. Alice Casey

    Hi Shelley,
    I emailed you on the 18th of February. Just wondering whether you received it or if it went to the trash/spam?

    March 2, 2014 at 8:46 pm

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